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PostSubject: Alcondragon   Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:59 pm

Hello everyone. The Names Alcondragon.

I come from many, many servers. from OS to Evo, and Exile to Unknown.

But now I'm here. And i enjoy playing here and i would like to see this server grow and be prosperous.

I can't count how many servers I've seen close due to lack of knowledge or experience.

Sometimes even the best servers can be brought down.

I have decide to Join the Alliance of Light because of how few their numbers are and how confused and disoriented they seem.

I'll do everything i can to help them succeed but i'm only one person and ill need the help of the stronger players to teach and coach the newer players.

I'm tired of everyone running around telling everyone how much of a "Noob" they are or "Go learn the game"

I've been playing Shaiya for a long time. Nothing scares me and I'm not intimidated by any of the rude and obnoxious name calling.

Well that's all for my little intro. Have fun and see you in-game.


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